Monday, October 22

My Daily Skincare Routine | Video

Good Afternoon my loverlies! Hope you all had a fab weekend and that you're not suffering from the Monday Blues :) Today actually feels like it's mid week, I'm surprisingly chirpy!
Anyway...I've filmed another video for y'all. It's my Daily Skincare Routine, which I've recently changed up. I've said a sad goodbye to Clinique and a warm hello to a new brand. If you want have a little nose, go have a watch. I've listed all the products in the down-bar of the video, if you want to read up more about them :)

I also received some rather disturbing comments on my channel yesterday; I was really shocked, being the first derogatory comment on any of my videos - but I suppose it was always going to come, nonetheless I did feel a little bit ill at what they said. (if you want to see the comment, I did post one of the screen shots on twitter). I think using the big wide web to discuss your passions can be a bit of a dangerous ball game, you definitely have to be thick skinned and let the negativity roll off you. I thought I would always be able to do that, but it did leave me a bit worried. Anyhow, on-wards and upwards and their vile comments have been reported and the user blocked from my account. I'll have none of that nastiness thank you very much :) 
Have a lovely week you lot, and please do let me know if there's any other videos you'd like to see?

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