Thursday, October 18

Poker Face.

Lipstick: NARS Red Sqaure
Much to my excitement, I recently won the fantabulous Sugarhill Boutique giveaway over on Leanne Marie's blog. I always enter giveaways (that I sincerely want to win) and I'm sure they're fixed, because I never win and I totally should win. You know what I'm sayin'? But I have been proven wrong, because I totally won! :D woooohoooo!

I was able to pick an item of my choice from the website which was extremely tricky as I wanted everything. But I decided, instead of going for something simple or similarish to what I already have that I would go a bit crazy. (Yes I know it's not crazy, but it sort of is, right?). Cards on a dress? I kinda love it.

I just absolutely love this dress. The floaty material feels so expensive and although it's sheer, it has a lovely little underlining in it, so no need to bother with a slip underneath, or flashing boobage; which makes it surprisingly warm and cosy :). This is the only pussybow tied item I own, and I think on my frame it's quite flattering. You know, no hips or boobs etc. ;) and I love the button detail to the front. It's just a complete winner in my eyes.
It will also become apparent over these winter months, that yup, the only things that live on my feet are my Hudson boots. I just love them, okay? So forgive me for the lack of variety in the shoe department!

A big thank you to the lovely Leanne for such a fabulous giveaway, and to SB for such a wonderful dress :D

This dress = Happy Megs x

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