Wednesday, February 20

Splash of Colour | Neon Love

Being poorly means I have little time for making an effort when I have to show my face in public. I apologise if I’m still looking a little peaky in these photo’s, but laryngitis took hold of me and wouldn’t budge for nearly two weeks! It was my little sister’s 15th birthday (god I feel old) and we all went out for lunch at a local restaurant. I had the yummiest duck salad for main and a berry frozen yoghurt for dessert – quite healthy for me! Any way I wanted to be comfy because I was still feeling a bit rubbish.
Jumper: c/o Mary Jane Fashion. Leggings: Topshop. Boots: H b Hudson of London. Bracelet: Jacey Withers
My Topshop velvet leggings I basically live in – they are the warmest most comfortable item of clothing I own and I’m gutted because they’ve completely sold out of the majority of sizes so I can’t buy myself another pair! Oversized baggy jumpers are also a staple in my winter wardrobe, you can throw them on with pretty much anything, feel cosy and still look like you’ve made an effort. I’m quite in love with this jumper to be honest – I love the neon coral and how it injects a bit of colour to a simple outfit - I think we'll be seeing a lot more of neon this season judging from London Fashion Week and I'm quite alright with that! I went for a size medium as I thought I’d prefer the larger fitting and I think it works well. 
Now I'm on the road to recovery you should be seeing a few more outfit posts pop up here and there! 
I hope you're all having a good week any way :) Daniel had an operation today, so I've been chilling with him and watching documentaries! (we're not geeks - promise)...

Sunday, February 17

What's in my iPhone? & 3000 YouTube Subscriber GIVEAWAY! | Casetagram Phone Case!

Hey everyone!!

So whilst I was away in Australia I hit 3,000 YouTube subscribers - I KNOW right, what the actual hell? I cannot fathom how that many people actually watch my videos! I know it's not that many in the grand scheme of things, but to me it is HUGE. And of course, I wanted to say a massive thank you for that. I hate to get all slushy on yo asses (I really don't) but it actually does mean such a lot to me. Vlogging and Blogging feel so perfect in my life and you guys make it even better. I know a lot of you lovelies watch my video's too so I thought what better way to host a giveaway than on both my YouTube and blog?!

Okay, enough of the want to know what's in it for you, eh? ;)
I was lucky enough to be contacted by the wonderful Casetagram to host a giveaway. If you haven't heard of them - they are a company that make custom phone cases with your instagram, personal and facebook photo's. I've seen a fair few floating around the blogosphere and I have to say I absolutely LOVE mine! You basically pick your favourite photo's and create your own collage (various shapes and sizes available) and voila, you should have something that looks like this!

SO - I want to give you one too!! The winner will be given a code and can design their own Casetagram case online or through their app :)
If you want to get your hands on one you need to enter below. The giveaway is open internationally and I will be announcing the winner on here and my YouTube channel on the 3rd March. Thank you again lovelies - and good luck!
Have a nose of the video to find out what's in my iPhone and more on Casetagram! I know that not everyone has a smart phone, so I will be hosting another few giveaways VERY soon - keep your eyes peeled!! :D

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Friday, February 15

Blogger Buttons, Business Cards & More! | The Wonderful Zoe Newlove

Design...I’d say it’s something I have an eye for but when it comes to computers, HTML coding or actually drawing something – I suck. I have zero patience when it comes to teaching myself things – if I can’t do it the first time I instantly give up. When I was younger I always wished I could draw, paint, express my creativity;  I think perhaps if I’d pushed myself a bit harder at school I may have been able to pick it up but never mind!

This is where I am completely and utterly grateful for lovely fellow bloggers out there, with a hell of a lot of design experience. And there is one particular lady whom I swear by – not only are her designs top notch, her prices affordable but she is actually the nicest person and someone I would like to class a friend. Miss Zoe Newlove.

I’d wanted to put some blog ‘business cards’ together simply to send out with my little handmade pouches or should I attend any blogging events to give out to people (much easier than relying on someone to remember your name!). I sent out a little tweet and Zoe replied saying she’d be more than happy to help me. I explained what I was looking for and 2 drafts later I had my cards ready to order. 

I also wanted a blogger button to match - I like to be matchy-matchy haha. I literally said to Zoe, I want my business cards, in a button format. Here are the results...

I'm so happy with them both - and can't thank Zoe enough! Her rates are so reasonable given the quality she provides; with the lowest offer at £5 for a post signature to the highest at £50 for a complete blog design - anyone who chooses to use her is getting a completely wonderful service at such a great price. And you're not just paying for the
If you want to have a nose at all the other design services she offers, you can do so here. I'm thinking about investing in some of her YouTube intro/outro graphics too!

Thank you lovely- you're awesome :). Has anyone else had the pleasure to work with Zoe on their blog? I'd love to see the results!

Oh and did I mention she's a make up artist too? (I know, she's wonder woman right) So if you fancy a makeover or even to learn a little bit more about 'how-to' with some private tuition...have a look here!