Wednesday, October 3

Lady GaGa Perfume | FAME

I love Lady GaGa, I realise she's not to everyone's taste but honestly, what a woman. And her talents don't cease at creating fantastic records, no no. She's been working on a brand new fragrance over the past two years and this is the result:

I'm not usually on the whole hype for celebrity frangrances; I mean, they're popular for something else, not making us smell good right? Well, if you're thinking that with this one, DON'T. It's frickin' amazing.

Firstly the packaging = in LOVE. It's not over the top and extravagant like you'd expect from someone as extrovert as GaGa, but it's definitely different. No your eyes aren't deceiving you, that's black fluid right there. It's the first in the market and may be slightly daunting for some, but fear not. The fluid sprays transparent so there's no staining or looking like you've spilled some black tar down your neck. I absolutely love the gold claw clasp, and it pops off ever so easily.

Secondly the scent. Dear GOD ladies, this is literally sexy times in a bottle. I am head over heels in love and have never sprayed a scent on my arm before and wanted to constantly sniff myself for hours on end haha. It's a fruity, flowery scent (again, something I wasn't expecting from her). And instead of following the usual perfume rules, of exploiting top, middle and base notes the scent is focused on Dark, Sensual and Light accords - which basically means combining single scents together. 
The scents included on the description are: "tears of belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchidea with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops".
I think the scent is probably targeted to the younger woman. It's fresh and fruity but I'd also say it has quite a musky hint to it, which is something I always look for in a perfume. The staying power is ridiculous, it stays on my skin for years (not literally, I do wash, but y'know what I'm saying). And it smells so expensive and luxurious.

Thirdly the price. In my eyes, it's so affordable. This little bottle of 30ml cost me just over £20 from The Perfume Shop and I think the most expensive bottle (100ml) retails at just over £50. I opted for the smaller bottle, just in case I ended up hating it - which I don't, but I'll definitely be buying the bigger bottle when I run out. BEST SMELL EVER.

What do you think ladies? Have you tried this yet?

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