Sunday, September 30

Outfit Post | The Vintage Set Returns

Today, I feel positive. You know when you get stuck in a bit of an emotional rut and everything seems to be pretty crappy? Yeah, that. Sometimes it can be the biggest chore to pull yourself out of it, but with a little help from some wonderful people in my life (lovely fellow bloggers included) I'm starting to feel a bit more normal. And what better way to celebrate than with an outfit post. Haha. So smooth Megs, so smooth.

Hat: Topshop. Jeans: Topshop. Blouse: C/O The Vintage Set. Bag: Vintage. Boots: H by Hudson. Belt: Vintage Lipstick: Topshop Infrared.
It's no secret that I am a bit of a sucker for The Vintage Set. Not only do they boast the most amazing Vintage finds (this shirt being one of them), but Charlotte is literally such a darling. She started her very own blog last week too, go and check it out :) I always think it's so refreshing to have a lovely person behind a great brand. I was lucky enough to be picked by Charlotte to write a guest post over on The Vintage Set blog, where I answer a few vintage-y questions! If you want to have a nose, click here to read the full interview :)

This outfit, albeit a bit country (which seems to be a regular choice for me?!), is I think slightly transitional. The days of bare legs and floaty dresses are done for this year and therefore it is time for jeans and a good pair of boots with woolly socks. Agreed? Good. And even though it's a little bit more chilly, there's still a wee bit of sunshine holding out. Which is why this shirt is so perfect. It's thin, floaty, pretty and simple, all of my favourite things in a garment; and I'm particularly fond of the collar. 

Hope you all had a fabby weekend. Mine consisted of Photography homework, watching an Elvis impersonator and copious amounts of sewing. Bloody brilliant.

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