Sunday, August 5

Monthly Favourite's | July | Video #7

This picture is completely irrelevant to the post, but I’ve been playing around with my new camera lots this weekend; and I loved the little bumble bee hiding…can you spot him?
Anyway, I know as always I am hugely late for monthly favourites but here it is for your perusal, should you so wish :)
My fave products for the month have turned out to be really quite expensive, which wasn’t at all on purpose. Apologies for that!
Have you all had a lovely weekend? Mine consisted of a small gathering of friends last night, and being hugely lazy for the rest of it, perfect in my eyes. I’ll be jetting off on my holidays in 2 weeks’ time; so in all honesty I’m just trying to be super good with my monies. I.e. not spending anything, unless it’s completely necessary *cough* anything in the sale *cough*….Yeah I suck at reigning it in.

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