Monday, August 6

Instagram Diaries | Issue #2

I'm off work and currently in bed feeling extremely sorry for myself with a nasty sickness bug, so today's post will be short and sweet. I've failed miserably to keep up with my instagram posts, sorry! I'm thinking instead of doing a weekly one, which has the potential to get a bit monotonous, I'd stick to an 'every now and then' sort of post :) plus, my life really isn't that interesting, haha. Hope you don't mind! 
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Lemon Tart | Fox Ring from my lovely friend | G-Dog! | Steak | On our way to London | Matilda the Musical | My first Starbucks | Birthday Meal | Gorgeous birthday gift from the wonderful Lauren | My aunties wall | Daniel got poorly :( | Get in my belly | I love her | Moomin, love in a mug | playing around with picfx! | Home-made Lemon Cheesecake (I like lemon)|

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