Thursday, August 9

Outfit Post | Shopping the Vintage Stash | Issue #1

As you’ll probably already know, there’s posts/vids floating around our blogosphere of ‘shopping the stash’; which involves rooting through your old makeup and beauty collection to find hidden gems you’d forgotten about.
Well, I thought why not be a rebel and mix things up a little? (I’m not really a rebel, I’m just trying to sound cool, and I know I’m not). Without further ado I introduce to you… ‘Shopping the Vintage Stash’.

Being a tad vintage obsessed, well not just vintage, anything second hand really, this sort of thing is right up my street. More often than not, you’ll find me in a charity shop or hurrying around a local car boot sale. I had a little rummage through my wardrobe to put together a purely vintage outfit. This is what I found…

The playsuit is actually my mum’s old undies. HA, that sounds so gross when you write it down, but yes it’s true. Apparently, in the ‘olden days’ (mum, if you’re reading, I’m sorry ;)) the ladies used to wear these under their clothing as opposed to knickers and bras; talk about VPL, jeez. Naturally, I nabbed it as soon as I spotted it and I think it’s rather wonderful really. The soft silky fabric means it’s suitable for summer attire, or can be teamed with a big woolly knit for the colder months. 

These original suede Santa Fe cowboy boots are from the yummy ladies over at Annie and the Mannequins. If you haven’t heard of them before, you should definitely check them out; some really gorgeous vintage finds! I think I paid around £20 for these and I pretty much live in them. The quality is perfect, and they’re so comfy.

This leather clutch bag has to be one of my favourite ever vintage finds. Its intricate detailing is breath taking; the Egyptian print is raised and I love the delicate touch of the wicker framing. £2 is all I paid for this, from a local carboot; totally worth it right?

My pearl earrings are pretty much permanently fixed to my ears, and also used to belong to my mum! (there's a trend here..) I think they're so cute.

Lastly, the necklace. It means such a lot to me, it was a gift from my beautiful nan; and the photo inside is of her wonderful self and me when I was just a wee nipper.

All in all, this outfit cost me a grand total of £22! What do you think guys, have I convinced you to shop your vintage stash? You might surprise yourself with what you find :) watch this space for issue #2...

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