Friday, July 27

Messy Up Do | Bun Tutorial | Video #5

Wahooooo, it’s Friday! I don’t know about anyone else, but how bloomin’ long has this week been?! I haven’t looked forward to a weekend so much in a long time. 

Anyway, here’s video #5 for ya’ll. It’s my first tutorial, so be kind. I felt a bit silly doing it, but every time I film a video I always ask at the end if anyone fancies seeing anything in particular, & the only thing that’s ever asked is ‘please can you do a bun tutorial’. There’s got to be over a million & one videos of girlies showing you how they achieve this look, but for some reason you guys wanted to see mine....
So, without further ado *inserts drum roll* here it is….me looking like a complete plonker in front of the camera :) 

Haha, hope I don't look like too much of a fool!! 
Have you lovely lot got much on this weekend? I’m keeping my fingers crossed the sun keeps on shining! 

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