Sunday, July 29

Take a Little Care | Antipodes Eye Cream

This next sentence is going to sound hugely cliché, but hey, it’s true. Since I can remember, looking after my skin has been one of my favourite things to do; & something I will rarely compromise on. I truly believe that in more cases than not, you get what you pay for. 
I have the most sensitive skin known to man; it is so unbelievably difficult for me to find a brand/product that I can use on my face without it going absolutely mental & breaking out in a zillion spots. Hence why I have to be quite selective with what I try out & expense is rarely spared. 
I recently discovered a lovely little New Zealand brand called Antipodes through the ever gorgeous Estee of EssieButton. I’d been on the hunt for a jolly good eye cream & had a little read on theirs& was instantly intrigued.

As with most eye creams, it’s fragrance free to avoid irritation & it has a gorgeous, thick, creamy consistency that I love. In this day & age, I definitely follow the crowd in terms of loving products that have 100% natural ingredients, it just makes it more appealing don’t you think? This little pot is full of yummy ingredients, such as kiwi seed, avocado, aloe gel & carrot seed oil. The first, kiwi, is known to help with tissue repair so it’s a definite must have for any of you ladies/gents who suffer (like I do) with dark circles under the eye, & it's also famously rich in Vitamin C. The others are bursting with anti-ageing antioxidants, natural sun screen & natural healers of scars or age spots. Meaning that this pot of joy pretty much caters for everyone's needs :)
It has quite a hefty price tag, but who doesn’t want to take care of their eyes? If you don't, you should. They’re one of the most sensitive parts of your body & deserve a lot of love & care. Retailing at $48 (converting to £24.68, right now), it’s definitely not cheap but I’ve been using it for a few months now & I’d say it’s 100% worth the money. My eye area has always lacked moisture & can become quite dry & flaky when I’m not looking after it properly. Using this cream day & night has cleared up any dryness, made the area slightly plumper, reduced any smile lines & I’ve even seen an improvement on my dark circles! They’re not gone (god knows if they’ll ever shift), but the bruising has definitely reduced & the area certainly looks brighter and healthier.
I'm totally in love with this brand, & can't wait to try some more of their products. I'm particularly interested in their Joyous Protein, Rich Night Replenish Serum...
Don't forget - never apply eye cream directly under your eyes! Always apply along the brow & cheek bones; the product will then sink into the skin and aid the areas that require moisture.
Well, what do you think? Is eye cream something you've invested in? What's your favourite brand to use if so?

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