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Elemis Fresh Skin Range | Wonderful You Review

Hello my lovelies :) Hope you're all well, and excited for the weekend? I'm still feeling very poorly, but I'm off to the X-Factor tour tomorrow night. Bear with me whilst I compose myself at the fact JAMES ARTHUR will be serenading me - major effin' boy crush right there. What is it with a boy that can sing, eh? 
Asides from my eagerness for tomorrow the reason for this post is because I was recently contacted by the wonderful people of Elemis. This brand is one that I see as more 'high-end' and luxurious, so I was eager to try some of their skincare range out...

First things first, I just love the packaging – subtle and pretty, something that looks nice on your bathroom shelf but isn’t screaming look at me I’m the most outrageous packaging you’ve ever seen. 
Secondly foaming facial washes are one of my favourite’s - I don’t get along with balm or cream cleansers, something about them makes my skin flare up. Now, I already have a firm favourite facial wash, that helps me control my breakouts (post coming soon) which I use in the evening before bed, but I’ve been using this Peachy Perfect facial wash each morning. It’s subtle peach scent and light consistency is very refreshing and definitely helps to wake me up (in another life, I am a sloth). It lathers really well, so you don’t need to use too much product in one hit and the pump applicator makes that even easier. 
For £12.00 it’s up there with the affordable skincare products and being Elemis, the price is pleasantly surprising. My skin type is combination/oily and it definitely helps to control my oil breakouts midday, as well as keep my skin hydrated and not too tight. If you have sensitive skin, this may be a touch too harsh for you although it doesn’t leave mine gasping for moisturiser. 

Tired Eyes - Soothing Eye Rescue £15.00 15ml
I think you all probably know by now but I am a true believer in a jolly good eye cream. You must must must make the effort to look after your little eyes; after all they’re one of the first to show signs of ageing…crow feet and all that. I love that this is a 15ml product; it means I can pop it in my handbag and carry it around with me for on the go refreshers. Now on first application of this I was a little bit dubious, it’s a gel so obviously has a different effect to a cream but I did find this quite sticky whilst it was drying/soaking into my skin. Luckily I don’t suffer with puffy eyes (which this promises to combat) however, it definitely cooled and hydrated my eyes which is definitely something I look for in on-the-move products. 

Softly Softly - Daily Moisturiser: £20 50ml
Again, loving the pump applicator. On first application I instantly thought of Liz Earle's moisturiser. It had a very similar scent and the consistency is quite heavy. My skin is quite problematic, and I'm not sure that this moisturiser is right for my skin type. I am prone to breakouts, with a very oily t-zone. This product takes quite a long time to sink into the skin - I'd have to say that I would probably only use this as a night time moisturiser in winter, when my skin is exceptionally dry. On a positive note, my skin definitely looks brighter when wearing this which is always a plus :)

First up the Quenching Face my face doesn't really need 'quenching' it's already pretty drenched in oil (how gross does that sound), so I knew that trying this out would cause a breakout on my skin type. It was a very light mask, more like a really really heavy moisturiser, so if you're suffering with terribly dry skin and want something to bring some hydration back I think this could work quite well. I must admit though, I'd probably prefer a heavier moisturiser to apply before bed. After washing it off my skin did feel very smooth, but being oily and spot prone my face wasn't very happy the next day.
The Deep Clean Purifying Mask on the other hand was right up my street. As with most clay masks you leave it on for approx 10 minutes, or until it's dry. It was instantly cooling which was lovely, and after washing it off my skin felt squeaky clean - literally it felt like it had ripped the rubbish-ness right out. Definitely a keeper.

Overall, I feel like I've discovered some really yummy, affordable products to add to my skincare routine - even if I wasn't blow away by it all!
What do you think - have you tried anything from the Elemis Fresh Skin Range?

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