Thursday, February 7

My Make Up Storage | Organised Chaos

One of my favourite posts to read at the moment is the beauty blogger's 'Make Up Storage'. It's been floating around for a while now and to be honest, I'd never thought mine would be of any interest. Simply because it's pretty messy in comparison to everyone else's. But after I'd read a handful of posts with acrylic drawer boxes I'd got a little bit fed up, and that's when I thought - hmm perhaps my way of doing things might give a little something different! That's not to say that I don't like acrylic storage boxes - I'm just WAY too messy to make them look as good as they should.
And then when I saw Leanne's post from Leanne-Marie on alternative storage it tipped me over the edge. I will share my 'alternative' messy ways with you! Haha. 

Daily make up:
My day to day make-up keeps itself to itself. I like to be able to just pick it up first thing in the morning and not have to worry where anything is and just get it over and done with (I am not a morning person). So it's situated on my little coffee table, on a plate, with a deer - as you do.

The rest of it:
The remainder of my make up that I use on a semi-regular basis, i.e. nights out or a little extra for weekends is stored in a  little carry case I picked up from a local vintage store for £5. It's perfect really, because it fastens at the front I can throw all the make-up above into it, combined with the extras and take it away with me, and it also looks quite pretty just sat on my table!
My lippy's are all stored in this little metal tin - again something from a vintage shop that cost next to nothing. Because I am addicted to my lipsticks I know what I have and I'm not overly bothered about being able to see every single one lined up next to each other. I quite like the unkempt-ness of it all.  
I also have a bag of make up that hardly ever gets used, but is there for emergency situations (i.e. never, but I can't get rid because I'm a hoarder). I wont show you that, because it' s literally just a bag of not so great make up!

I hope you enjoyed this post - and seeing a bit more into my organised chaos of make up :) It's quite simple really, which is how I like things. 
If you'd like to see a post similar to this on my jewellery or nail varnishes please let me know!

I officially have the flu and am writing this from my bed, feeling utterly sorry for myself with a beechams hot berry drink (making the best of a bad situation) and some flapjacks. I ate half a bag of oranges yesterday...I'm not sure that was quite a good idea!! I hope you're all well though and looking forward to the weekend :)

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