Monday, February 4

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover | Wonderful You Review

For some of you, this post might not be at all interesting. This little product has been making it’s way around the beauty blogosphere for the past year like no tomorrow and I’m finally reviewing it.
Personally, ‘doing’ my nails is an absolute chore - I hate painting them, because I am messy and have no patience and I absolutely detest removing nail varnish. Sometimes I’ll even be naughty and just peel it off because I can’t be bothered to get the cotton wool and remover out (am I the worst beauty blogger ever?).
My lovely Aunty is constantly on the lookout for new beauty products for me to try, test and review on here for you guys. And we were both far too excited when she got her hands on this baby in Boots (it had been out of stock for god knows how long).
If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen/heard about this, it’s basically a nail polish remover that claims to take off your nail varnish in one second. You simply pop your finger in the top and when you take it out, the polish is gone!
First off I was genuinely more excited to do my nails, simply so I could take my nail varnish off. If nothing else this product is fantastic purely for the fact that there is no sticky cotton wool or spillages of potent remover.

The product itself, to me is incredible. Okay so they’re totally lying when they say it removes the polish in ONE SECOND, I’m sorry but very little in this life happens in one second let alone stubborn nail polish! I would say you have to hold your finger in there for a few seconds and then twist the bottle round your finger once to sweep the polish away. And honestly, the polish is gone (does that make anyone else think of the Cillit Bang advert?). I’m not going to tell fibs and say that it removes glitter polish as well as regular polish, but it still does the job it just takes a little longer. However on your typical run of the mill nail varnish it 100% halves the time it would usually take. 
For £4.99 I wouldn’t consider this product high-end or too expensive, I definitely think it’s affordable and I’ve had mine for a few months now and it’s still going strong so it’s not an expensive product to add to the ‘necessities’ list of beauty!
It’s a must have for me and I don’t think I’ll ever be returning back to the cotton wool routine (sorrynotsorry).
I would love to know what you lovely lot think about this – have you tried it before? Or do you think you’d like to?
If you want to pick it up from your local Boots, you can do so here

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