Sunday, January 27

Comfort is Key | Outfit Post

If you’ve been reading this little slice of online fashion junk for a while, you may have picked up on the fact that I don’t do tighty mc tighterson dresses very often. I’m just not really all that comfortable in them and spend the majority of my time pulling them down until they’re stretched out of shape! I am far happier to prance around in a loosely fitted number that doesn’t ‘hug’ me too tightly. I think classy casual has pretty much been my dress sense since I left my teens.
Lashes of London is one of my favourite stores and this dress felt like it was made for me. It’s neutral in colour (I don’t really do bold) so is perfect in my eyes. for any time of year. It has sequins, which helps to dress up any outfit and it’s wearable. By that I mean I could throw this on for near enough any occasion – a wedding, a night out, shopping. And that’s why I love it, because it’s totally versatile.
As always, I opted for the more casual approach. Teamed with this rather spiffing Zara hat (£12 in the sale, HOLLA), and my new Urban Outffiters boots it was perfect attire  yesterday for a spot of lunch with Daniel and his Nan :)

P.S it’s totally in the sale for £24, grab it whilst it’s hotttt & I'm pretty sure you can get 25% off items with the code: LASHES25 (you're welcome ;))

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