Tuesday, January 29

50 Random Facts About Me TAG! | Video

I’ve loved catching up on YouTube videos since I’ve been home, and my absolute favourite had to be the ’50 Random Facts About Me TAG’ that’s been floating around. As always, EsteĆ© from EssieButton had me in stitches watching hers and I just couldn’t not give it a whirl.

I tend to be a bit more reserved regarding bits and bobs about me personally, but I thought it might be quite nice to share some of my oddities with you lovely lot. I know I love these sort of things, just because you feel like you get to know the person behind the beauty talk & posey fashion shots a little bit more :). I feel like I’ve made some really lovely friends through this whole blogging world, and I would love some of you to take part so I can get to know you all better too! I've tagged two fellow bloggers I know have YouTube channels :) Zoe of Zoenewlove and Charlotte from Lilmisschickas

It was quite tricky thinking of 50 facts though, I think I went a bit too far with the whole boxer shorts thing….no? ;) 

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