Wednesday, November 7

This is Halloween | The Corpse Bride

Last weekend consisted of a belated Halloween Party at my friends apartment. As you can see, she looks rather marvellous and I look down right hideous - but when in Rome and all that jazz. (Right?) 
I had such a fun time getting ready and just HAD to show you the wig (I think this particular one is out of stock now, but there's one very similar available here!). I don't know if you've seen, but over the past month or so I've been filming a few videos on another channel - Annabelle's Wigs, showing ladies various tutorials and how to's on their fab wigs / hair pieces. If you want to have a nose you can do so here.

Anyway, back to the outfit! I am a huge fan of Tim Burton (Nightmare Before Christmas being my all time fave movie). So it seemed obvious for me to go as one of his characters! I dressed up as The Corpse Bride and did the following to achieve my look:

  1. I applied Stargazer White Foundation to my whole face using the Real Techniques buffing brush. This foundation is SO cheap and I feel probably a little bit kinder to your skin than face paint. 
  2. Using the Real Techniques Blush Brush I lightly dusted my face with a dark blue shade from the MUA Starry Night Palette
  3. Then, using a random eye shadow brush I contoured the curves of my skull / face i.e. eye sockets, temples, cheekbones and collar bone with the MUA palette focusing on the darker shades of blue and black.  
  4. I then used the same darker shades on my eyes covering the lid in blue and hollowing out around the edges with black. I applied my usual liquid black winged eyeliner (video on how to do this here), pencil black eyeliner to the waterline and drew false eye lashes on to my eye lids with the liquid eyeliner to give the illusion of larger eyelashes. To finish the eyes I applied my false eyelashes (eyelure) and coated with thick black mascara. 
  5. To complete the makeup I used black pencil eyeliner to fill in my brows, flicking them up in the center to give the impression of being sad, and filled in my lips with the Revlon Lip Stain in Crush, adding a touch of black eye shadow to the creases of the lips.
  6. I popped on my wig and Crown and Glory customised headband and was good to go!

It took me about half an hour to do and I was quite pleased with the results :)

What do you think? And what did you dress up as on Halloween?

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