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October Joliebox | Let's talk Organic

Can you believe it's November already? (cliche of the month). I cannot fathom it's only one more pay day until Christmas, that is seriously scary. Any way, end of the month means Joliebox time, I can't wait to share all my lovely jubbly products with you guys :) And how amazing is it to see Fleur on the cover of the JolieMag?!
c/o Joliebox

Jason – Lips Bee Healthier (RRP £1.99): This little lip balm is one of the loveliest things to ever grace my lips. I opened it and instantly thought ‘where are the after eights?’ it smells just like them! So as you can imagine, it had me at hello. It’s filled to the brim with Beeswax, Vitamin E, Green Tea, Aloe Vera Gel, Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Peppermint Oil *takes a breath* phew, that’s a lorra products in one little balm isn’t it? It is so unbelievably moisturizing and feels so much more expensive than it’s teeny tiny price tag. Trust me, you need it.

Ritessens Exfoliating Face Care: As many of you know, when I find a skincare that fits with my problematic skin I don’t like to budge from it. So when I saw this in the box I was a little skeptical. But I think that’s one of the things that I love about the beauty boxes, they push you to try those products you might have been too scared to test or haven’t heard of before. So, I whipped it out the box and gave it a run for it’s money. Being a natural product I knew it would be kind to my crappy skin and it felt so lovely and soft even with the exfoliant beads. It didn’t irritate my skin and there are no heavy fragrances in it, so I think it’s a keeper! Plus it’s a full sized product which is amazing.

Løv Organic Herbal Tea (RRP tin £9.90): This, is frickin’ amazing. Not only is the little sample packaging too cute for words, but it tastes like heaven in a muslim tea bag. It’s an organic blend of white tea, green tea and green rooibos with little bits of peach, apricot, mango and pineapple to make it extra refreshing and scrummy. The texture of the tea is also surprisingly lovely. I find with most fruit teas they can be quite watery, but this was almost syrupy – without being thick and gross. I just can’t get over how fab they are. I got 6 in my sample box, and I’d drink them all at the same time if I could!

MOA Balm (RRP from £4.99): YAY for affordable, 100% natural products. This is so lovely and ticks so many skincare boxes for me. There’s no fragrance, it’s multi-purpose and it’s suitable for sensitive skin. I’ve been using this on my hands, face and elbows and honestly it’s amazing. It’s a little different from a typical moisturizer, coming in a wax formulation. You rub the wax between your fingers and then apply to the needed area. I’m particularly impressed with how great it’s been on my face. I suffer with an oily t-zone and thought my face might hate it a little but it’s been soaking up all the goodness and controlling my oil fabulously! Super impressed.

Soin Parfait Ulitmate BB Cream (RRP£29.90): I haven’t tried this out yet. I must admit I haven’t hopped on the BB cream bandwagon yet. I’m a bit scared of them to be honest. Although this does promise an anti-blemish complexion with anti-ageing care and SPF25 I think it’s probably a bit marvelous. I’m just so attached to my fuller coverage foundation, but I think I should probably just bite the bullet and see where it takes me!

I’m ruddy impressed yet again with Jolieboxand how much thought goes into these wonderful boxes. Pretty sure this box was made for me. 

What did you receive in your subscription this month?

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