Friday, November 9

Snug as a Bug | Outfit Post

If you follow me on twitter, then you may have spotted a tweet a week or so ago mentioning that I’d gone from owning absolutely zilch leather clothing – to owning two pieces in one day!
I’ve always been one that embraces the swishy – floaty – fairy princess in my clothing but for one reason or another I’ve quite fancied being a bit more…grungy? I don’t know why, but I’m the girl who always used to be a bit scared of leather…for fear of looking like a try hard or that I might be stepping too far away from my comfort in vintage pieces, but my mind has been changed.

Coat: Zara. Boots: TK Maxx. Shorts: c/o Oh My Love. Blouse: Vintage. Belt: Vintage. Hat: Vintage.

So this is officially my new favourite outfit, which I wore to London on a day trip this week. A jolly good friend is back from a year in Turkey for a mere 3 days before jetting off again to America so we soaked up some proper English Christmas tradition and did a spot of sightseeing. I’m thinking I might do a little post with a few snaps I took of the sights, Yay? Nay? It really is such a beautiful city.

I feel surprisingly cosy and effortless in this and how warm is leather? I didn’t even realise! These pleather shorts from Oh my Love are perfect winter attire, comfy enough to wear casually with a plain tee and smart enough to snazzy up with a bit of bling for a night out. I’ve gone for somewhere in the middle and feel so comfortable in them! They fit nice and snugly, with none of that “Erm girl, I can see a bit too much of what’s under those shorts and it’s not pretty” if you know what I mean? And teamed with my new Zara coat I feel ready to face the winter months without having to pile on the layers committing fashion suicide. Personally I think they’re a match made in heaven and I’m snug as a bug. I’ve also thrown in a trusty vintage silk number to soften the outfit up a little.

p.s. You may start to notice I wear a LOT of black during winter. But I promise for pops of colour here and there :) I’ll try to not be too depressing in my attire ;)

How do you feel about leather? Is it something you’ve embraced?

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