Thursday, November 1

I Heart Fall | TAG! Video

Me, in a puddle...
Fall - or as we like to call it here in England, autumn, is literally my favourite time of year. Not only does it mean we’re super close to Christmas (53 days to be exact, squeee! Yes that’s right I AM one of thosepeople), but it means that the weather starts to cool, the woolly jumpers and bobble hats can come out to play and for me, it means a time for family. I just love it.

Which is why I thought this video was perfect. ‘I Heart Fall’ - is my first tag, and I really enjoyed making it. Although - I hope you guys can forgive me for being a Starbucks hater, waaaa.

What’s your favourite time of year? Have you tried this tag yet? Be sure to let me know by commenting below if you have!

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