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How I Style My Hair | Curly Girly

I’m the girl who finds a style she likes and tends to stick with it for about 50 years before she tries something new. Loose curls have been my ‘staple’ for the past year or so and I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon (approx 49 years remaining). Having reasonably long hair, you’d think it would take an age to curl it all but it really doesn’t. I can be styled, sprayed and ready to go in less than 20 minutes. That’s pretty speedy in my eyes (at least I hope it is?!)

Whenever my ‘face’ is in a post (typically outfit ones) you lovely lot always seem to comment on my messy mop – so I thought you might quite like to see my current styling routine?
I’ve always been passionate about beauty, but I must admit it’s only since I’ve started blogging that I’ve really taken an interest in different hair products. Up until recently, my Moroccan Oil was my only luxury product. Well it was pretty much the only product I used aside from shampoo and conditioner.  

So in terms of protecting my hair from heat or using finishing sprays I wasn’t really fussed – I always thought, my hair looks alright without any products what’s the point? But when ghd sent me over their lovely little Style and Protect gift set I couldn’t resist giving it a whirl.
STEP 1: Brush through the hair - getting rid of any knots and tangles.
STEP 2: Spray a light mist of ghd's Straight & Smooth all over the hair.
STEP 3: Split the hair down the middle and secure with two clips.
STEP 4: Curl one section - I mix it up and curl some pieces towards my face and others away. This helps to create more volume. I use my enrapture totem styler on settings 2-2-1 - this creates loose wavy curls.
STEP 5: Curl the other side, following the same steps as the previous section.
STEP 6: Apply ghd's Final Shine spray all over the hair (don't spray too hard as you only need a little bit to achieve best results!)
STEP 7: Voila! You're done :D (One last thing - I do usually run my hands through the curls quickly to loosen them slightly :))
C/O Hairstyles from ghd
To be honest, I'm pretty bowled over by the results and I was really wrong about thinking my hair looked ‘fine’ without using any other products. Using the protecting spray on blow dried hair before using my curlers means I have no fly-aways and the whole look is far smoother and sleeker. The final shine spray acts like a sort of glossy hair spray. My entire head almost glistens and it holds my curls like there's no tomorrow. I woke up the next morning and my hair looked pretty much the same - no hairspray used - nada. Very impressed. And don't even get me started on the scent! It's actually heavenly. 
The paddle brush and clips are a lovely added touch to the set. I'm particularly fond of the brush - it doesn't pull on my knots and de-tangled beautifully. 

I suppose the moral of this post is - you don't know unless you try and I'm definitely going to be experimenting with my hair care going forward - I might even buy this set for a few family members, it's amazing value for money at £39!

Do any of you scrummy lot have some products you'd recommend? I'm quite keen to try out some salt spray...?

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