Sunday, October 14

Fancy a Dip? Dye.

I'm quite sure that I didn't own anything tie-dye, until now. It's been a bit of a hype in the fashion community and not a band wagon that I was particularly on, so to speak. That was until I waltzed into Urban Outfitters last weekend and spotted this baby on the first rack.

The colours are just gorgeous and I love a good maxi skirt. It is literally the comfiest thing my lower half has ever had the pleasure of acquainting and I don't think I really want to take it off. Ever. It was a wee bit pricey (£40), but I had a voucher from my birthday and nothing else I spotted in the shop came close. The fabric is thick enough to keep your legs nice and toasty in the winter months, but it's also lovely and floaty (swish swish), so it doesn't cling to your things or ride up (I actually HATE that). Paired with a plain black-tee and my new hudson boots, it makes it casual enough for a lazy day outfit, although it could easily be jazzed up with some bling, if you know what I'm saying.

Skirt: Urban Outfitters. Top: H&M. Bag: Vintage. Boots: H by Hudson.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend? My beautiful nanny stayed with us this week and we spent the whole time sewing our socks off! She is literally the light of my life and I love her very much. (soppy little note there, but has to be said right?). She is always there for me and makes everything seem alright, even if it's not.

This week will mainly involve eating curry with a very special lady, and week 4 of my photography course! What have you yummy lot got planned?

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