Monday, September 10

Outfit Post | Rekindling Love - Topshop

For a while, Topshop lost my trust. They were throwing out pieces of clothing that to be frank, didn't fit the bill. The quality was getting poor, and the price tag was getting increasingly higher. So for a while, I said ciao! But it's as if they knew! The cheeky devils are slowly (but surely), bringing me back over to the dark side. There have been a few pieces of late that I just haven't been able to resist like this dress here, and this skirt I'm wearing below...

Sandals: River Island

I absolutely love it. It's like, do I want a long skirt on or a short skirt on? Hmm, I want both. VOILĂ€! the midi-skirt is definitely a must have for me and this one makes me want to purchase a few more. The shade is gorgeous and the cut makes for ultimate swhishy-ness, which we all know I love!
The gorgeous Lily, of I am Lily Bee was selling a few of her GORGEOUS clothes on ebay, (not gunna lie, want to be her a little bit ;)) and I snapped up this lovely little lace crop top for a fraction of the price it retailed at (also Topshop). I thought it went beautifully with the purple midi skirt, which retailed for £38. They don't have my one in stock any more, but they have brought out a new one which is a bit yummy in it's replacement, have a peek here if you like mine!

When I'm on holiday, I like to feel comfortable, but also look like I've made a bit of an effort with myself. And I think this outfit ticks both boxes, do you?

Life in general is not so peachy at the moment. I won’t go into any detail, but I will say a big thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog as of late. It really makes my day brighter :) (Apologies for that slice of cheese there, but it felt necessary). You are a wonderful lot!

Hope all is fine and dandy your end :) 

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