Thursday, September 6

Outfit Post | Paisley Print Love

You'll usually find me prancing around in a floaty dress or skirt; but I do love a good pair of jeans and top too. Sometimes it's just nice to be comfy, you know? Blouses and shirts are fast becoming a favourite in my wardrobe; so when the lovely ladies at Lavish Alice offered me the chance to pick one off the website I was very excited….. 

Shirt: c/o Lavish Alice Collar Brooch: Vintage Belt: Vintage Jeans: Italy Boots: H by Hudson
If something has a collar I’m probably going to want it; and this one makes me swoon like there’s no tomorrow. Neutral shades are my thing, and the paisley print really makes this blouse for me. The light, sheer chiffon material means it’s perfect for summer (although completely see-through, so have your strappy tops at the ready ladies!), and the silky paisley strip makes it feel so luxurious and expensive. But it’s NOT! Yayyyy, we all love a bargain, don’t we? It’s a measly £21, which kicks topshops butt any day of the week. I love how paisley is slipping it's way in to the fashion market, I really like the subtly of this print, and I think my collar brooch (picked up from a charity shop for £1) compliments it well. 
The beauty with shirts is that you can dress them up or down, so I chose to go for a more casual look, teaming this beaut with my new favourite skinnies and trusty old boots. Farmer girl-esque? Probably.

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