Tuesday, September 4

Outfit Post | My Fairy Princess Dress

Whilst I can’t wait to share some of my holiday snaps with you lovely lot, I couldn't resist writing about my massively gorgeous new dress first. It’s always such a yummy feeling to come home from a trip away to a mountain of post, and as soon as I spotted this package I couldn’t wait to rip it open to reveal the contents.... 
Dress: c/o OASAP Loafers: Camden Market Satchel: The Vintage Set

 You will probably notice a trend with my outfits…I very rarely opt for the skin tight dresses or skirts; I just don’t find them overly flattering on my figure. Instead, my love lies with anything floaty or ‘swishy’ (yes, I went for the word swishy). That’s why this dress is my idea of heaven; I must admit I feel like a bit of a woodland fairy princess in this. And let's face it, what girl doesn't want to feel like a fairy princess?! (please say I'm not alone here..) Not only does it tick my swishy wishes, it is literally the easiest thing to wear ever. It’s perfect for this summer weather we appear to be having, and will slot nicely into my winter wardrobe too, teamed with some black tights and brogues.

The lace detail to the front and petticoat is a particular favourite; but the very best part about this dress is that it costs only £24!!! YES, £24 I spluttered at the screen when I read it too. The intricate detail alone makes it worthy of a far heftier price tag in my eyes. And the quality is something that overtakes some of the top high street brands. If you like this little gem, you can pick it up from OASAP here
I couldn’t wait to wack out my little satchel again, and thought it would work well with my Camden loafers. Infact, I think I might wear it again this evening to see Michael Mcintyre (cue excitement overload!!).

What do you think? Are you too a swishy dress lady?

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