Sunday, September 2

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Hello there, it's me, megs! Yes you heard right; I got off my lazy butt and hopped back on a plane from sunny Italy to not so sunny England. I had such a wonderful time, and it really is one of the most beautiful countries. I'm feeling an overview post will be necessary once I've sifted through the ridiculous amounts of photographs; what do you think?

Although, for now I thought an outfit post would suffice....
Sandals: River Island
 I picked up this delightful little Ted Baker number at Bicester Village earlier in the year, but I hadn't really had the opportunity to wear it. I mean, it's quite vibrant in colour, and to be honest I think I'd stick out like a sore thumb if I wore this to my local pub! On holiday, you kinda forget about the rest of the world don't you? I know I do. I feel almost invincible with my wardrobe, like no-ones watching/judging. (even though people definitely are, haha). The silky material is perfect for hot weather, and the cut of this jumpsuit means it clings in all the right places. It definiely feels like a more luxurious item to add to my wardrobe.
Something I didn't show in the pictures, is the awesome little pockets sewn super neatly into the sides, they're really deep and because the fabric is so loose it means you could easily pop your phone in there without worrying about a dreadful looking bulge (ahem).

I teamed it with my three staple jewellery items. I'm not usually one for changing up my bracelets/rings, so you'll probably have seen these a few times before.
My fox bracelet, by Jacey Withers is literally my favourite thing ever. It cost a hell of a lot, but I wear it every single day and love it with all my heart! It's quite an unusual piece, and probably not to every ones taste; but it's got me written all over it :)
My swarovski ring is also a firm favourite. My boyfriend bought it for me and being quite the magpie I love the way it catches the light.
Another purchase from Daniel is my Guess watch. I was a bit worried when I got it that it would be a bit chunky but I'm in love, and it seems to go with everything!
My earrings were £1 from a charity shop ;) you know me, love a good bargain.
Lastly, my most favourite part of this jumpsuit, has to be the straps. I love how they're twisted around, adding emphasis to the neckline.

What do you think? Are you a fan of jumpsuits? Or have I over stepped the mark on this one... haha.

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