Sunday, September 23

My Daily Make-up Routine | Video

So this is my face without make-up:
Not a pretty sight! But I had quite a few requests to film a 'Daily Make-up Routine' on my YouTube channel, so here it is...

I probably should've saved this video for a day where I wasn't recovering from the flu, or had only 4 hours sleep, but filming it once was more than enough for me!!
It's taken quite a bit of guts to post my naked face on the internet for all to see, so if you're feeling in a bit of a mean mood, it would be lovely if you didn't say anything haha. (I know I have serious bags and spots going on, blergh).

My make-up routine hasn't changed for a LONG time, I kinda just stick to what I know, so if anyone has any tips for me please let me know :) would love to learn a few new tricks.

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