Tuesday, September 25

Daily Hair Care Routine | Video

This is my hair:
Over on my little YouTube channel, I have had many a request to film my 'Hair Care Routine'. I am warning you now, be prepared to waste about 5 mintues of your life if you watch this video, because I probably have the most boring, plain routine known to man! 
Like most things in my beauty regime, I like to keep my hair care quite simple. And although I love trying and testing new products, in all honesty I am very lazy, so once I find something that really works for me I stick to it. In my experience, too much product is definitely not the way forward. Keeping it simple leaves my hair full and manageable! 

Hope you guys enjoyed it :) all the links to the products I use are in the down bar of the video content, should you wish to read up on them in further detail!

What about you...Do you have any hair care products you couldn't live without? :)

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