Saturday, July 7

Outfit Post | Do you like Disco?

As some of you who follow my twitter will know, I went away to London on the weekend with the boy, to celebrate my birthday. It was just a bit special, I literally had the most amazing time, but my actual birthday wasn’t until Tuesday 3rd; so I thought I would do a wee outfit post for ya’ll to have a nose, of what I wore to my ‘birthday meal’.

Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnnn, DISCO PANTS! Now, I know that loooads of you will be sat there thinking “ergh, what on earth possessed her”, & I know that these won’t be to everyone’s taste. But honestly, I really, really love them. Anyway, I like pretending I'm Sandy from Greece, the resemblance is uncanny right? ;) pah.
They are definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, the tightest pair of pants I have ever owned, but it’s okay to be a bit daring now & then isn’t it? :) I hope so. 
Now, at a whopping £70 from American Apparel, they are a bit pricey. Usually I wouldn’t pay anything near this amount for trousers/pants; but I really did fall in love with them when I tried them on. (Plus the boy bought them for my birthday, so that’s even better ;)). There are quite a few shops now offering more affordable copies of these, so it’s worth shopping around if you like them; but you cannot knock the quality of these bad boys, they are super sturdy! (No ripping of the bum area when bending down, HA). You definitely pay for what you get. I also really like their riding pants, in the colour Henna. The girl in the shop had them on & she looked fab!

I paired them with this coral 'Angela' blouse. I love the rose gold studded detail, & I’m a huge fan of blouses with collars. It’s made by Dahlia Fashion, (amazing shop, check it out if you haven't already!), although I actually picked it up in Topshop. I did have a look on both their websites, & I don't think they sell my colour anymore; however you can pick a similar one up here.

My little shoesies are from Camden Market, in London. & I picked them up for £10. You can always find a great bargain there, and these are of such great quality.

What do you lovely lot think of Disco Pants? Are you a lover or a hater? I’m acutely aware that my first two outfit posts may be slightly controversial, but hey, I like what I like! :)

If you’d like to see a post on what I got up to over my birthday weekend, then let me know!

p.s. i've totally just realised that the label is at the front & i'm actually wearing the blouse back to front HA. fail.

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