Wednesday, July 4

Burt's Bees Reviews #1 | Lip Shimmer

You may have seen a recent post of mine, where I purchased & wrote about the Burt’s Bees Grab Bag. If you didn't, & you fancy a quickie you can have a look here. I received lots of little goodies; and I’m slowly working my way through them, one by one :)

They sent me quite a few of their Lip Shimmers; I'M IN LOVE, seriously. The ones I received came in shade rhubarb (yum); & I’d say the colour is very true to that. Obviously, being lip shimmers, they don’t carry a lot of pigmentation; however I absolutely love this shade & how it instantly brightens your lips. The gloss is very subtle & extremely moisturising. It smells just like peppermint, & gives a tingling soothing sensation on application - perfect for summer! These babies are made up with 100% natural ingredients which is something I really love & tend to look for in a product. Personally, I really love the packaging; I'm a little bit in love with Burt's Bees & the simplicity of their products aesthetically. The lip shimmers are available in 10 different shades & retail at £5.99.

I think I’m definitely going to purchase a few more colours.

What do you think? Have you tried these before? If not, & you wouldn't mind giving them a whirl you can grab them off the Burt's Bees website, here.

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