Saturday, June 9

Foxes and Nails? Perfect.

One of the many reasons I love blogging, is that you can discover such wonderful new things through your favourite writers.

I have totally stolen this from Zoe, but I am so absolutely in love with these bad boys that there was no wayyy I wasn’t going to share them with you :)

Nail Stickers! Firstly, they’re FOXES; they already have my immediate, undivided attention.  I really need to own everything that has anything to do with a fox, so if you wanna throw some foxy stuff my way, be my guest ;)

Although I love beauty, when it comes to nails I completely freak out. I can just about paint them, but when it comes to nail art, or anything that isn’t just a standard easy polish, I SUCK. So I was a little apprehensive to try nail stickers, but what’s the worst that could go wrong eh?
Luckily for me, nothing! it was so easy :D *insert fist pumps here*.

Step 1: Paint your nails. Make sure that you use a light colour for the nails that will have the stickers on them; they may not show up if the colour is too dark.

Step 2: Cut out your sticker. You don’t have to be too precise; I just cut mine into a small square.

Step 3: Peel the sticker away from the backing. The sticker itself is very fine, so if you have long nails, great; if not perhaps use some tweezers. Be careful that the sticker doesn’t roll up; if it gets stuck together it will be really difficult to unstick it!

Step 4: Place the sticker on your nail. Again, be cautious on application, once it’s stuck down, it’s not going anywhere! Tweezers come in handy here too.

Step 5: Apply a top coat, to keep the sticker firmly in place. I applied an extra coat the day after too.

And voila:

These babies are designed by the lovely Jan Christie; and cost a teeny £1.80. The images are based on their own photo's to avoid any copyright issues; & I believe you can send in your own images to these two ladies to get your own individual sticker! That's pretty cool, non? I’m so impressed with the quality & ease of using this product. Plus, they popped in a few extras for me to try FOC, how lovely is that? Including, a cat, a horse & a pug!

What do you think? Are you a fan of nail stickers? Did I do an okay job? :)

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