Monday, June 4

Car Boot Sale | My guilty pleasure..

One bonus of living in the middle of nowhere is that the villagers seem to make the most of all the fields we have; which means....CARBOOT SALES! I absolutely love them & could easily spend all my pennies at them every weekend. If you're not familiar with the term, in short, people basically bring all their old clutter or unwanted items & sell them for next to nothing. I discovered a rather large one in a village near my house, so I thought I would share with you what I picked up :)

Like the majority of my spending habits, I didn't need any of this stuff, as such, but I totally did. Know what I mean? ;)

Wood Mirror - £4: I am actually in love with this mirror, it's so beautiful, it's in amazing quality & i think it look quite expensive too. Not sure where I'm going to put it yet but I sort of had to have it when I spotted it :)
Egyptian Leather Clutch Bag - £2.50: Oh my, is this not the most incredible bag you've ever seen? Probably not, but I think it is! The detail is incredible; I don't know if you can see, but all the prints are raised & it's surrounded by wicker thread all around the edging. It's surprisingly heavy & even though it's a bit battered I love the look!
China Perfume Holder - 50p: I think this is so cute. I don't think i'm going to put perfume in it, because I have no idea where it's been haha. I think it will look beautiful on my dressing table though.
China Polar Bear Trinket box - 50p: I picked this up for my little sister, she went to Germany this week on a school exchange, & to cut a long story short, the airport lost her suitcase. Needless to say she was devastated, so I wanted to buy her something to cheer her up :)
Glass Pot - £1: This was brand new in it's box, with the stickers & all! I love it, & I'm using it for my cotton wool pads :)
China plate - 50p: I love the detail on this. It's sat looking all pretty on my dressing table with all my rings piled nicely on top.

Picking up all of this for under a tenner is pretty good going, don't you think? 

The boyf & I are planning on buying our first house together next year; & I'll definitely be dragging him along to a few of these to pick up pieces of furniture & such to fill the house up a little. You can get your hands on some pretty amazing stuff, & it's so ridiculously cheap. I love all things pretty & vintage, so walking in to a field full of someone's old stuff makes for one happy Megs.

Do you love a good Car Boot? Or do you think you'll be making a trip to one now?

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