Friday, January 18

NOTD | It's Simply Beauty Guest Post

I love nail polish! It's one of my favourite things in my beauty collection (apart from lipsticks) I'm always looking to find the next best shade of pink or reds, and i'm always looking for a great consistancy and a fab brush applicator!

So for my quest post I am going to be talking to you all about Nails Inc Motcomb Street.
This little beauty I picked up as a freebie in a magazine just over a month ago and it sure has become my newest favourite nail polish. Now there was 4 colours to choose from and you may be wondering why I chose the dark colour - why not go for gold glitter? Well For a while now I have been hunting high and low for that perfect black/blue tone polish that shows both in different lighting and no matter what I could never find it. So I picked Motcomb Street up on a whim thinking this wont be my dream shade of black/blue but oh well its £2 for a magazine and polish when the nail polish alone costs £11 so I thought why the hell not.
I got home painted my nails and I squeaked like a little girl. I found that perfect shade.

Its the perfect contrast colour that in different lights you seen black and blue. Even people have come up to me and asked is that blue or is that black?
Why I never tried Nails Inc before just rattles my mind.
The wond is amazing. it's small but allows enough polish on the nails to coat it evenly. Don't you hate that when polish just goes on the nail all gloopy/runny and gets everywhere!?
They staying power is just incrediable too. It lasts on my nails up for 3 days with out chipping! Now that is amazing..
Everything about this nail polish is perfect. Its a to dye for colour which every girl/woman should have in their nail collection.
Since I have got this as a freebie I have used half the bottle already so this is a definitely a one to go on the beauty list when it runs out!

Have you ever tried Nails Inc Motcombe Street?

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