Thursday, December 13

NOTD | Christmas Nail Art

Firstly, I would like to apologise for my absence on here over the past few weeks. I had some family issues that obviously take priority and now all is well I am back! Yay :)

So, If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning (it wasn't that long ago – only April. Wowee how time flies when you're having fun!) you might have seen my post about my favourite little nail sticker company – Jan Christie. The stickers I bought had foxes on them so of course it was love at first sight. When the lovely ladies there asked me if I fancied a few Christmassy ones I just couldn't say no.
Red Squirrel with Santa Hat
Santa with Christmas Tree
How cuteeeeeee are they?! I'm particularly fond of the Squirrel!
The stickers work best on a lighter coloured polish, or if you fancy it just plain nails. Personally I always prefer to have a bit of polish on my nails and I wanted to show you how they show up on a really light polish along with a slightly darker one. 
It’s just the simplest and most affordable way to add a little something extra to the way you do your nails. I’ve always been a bit cack-handed with nail art, so these little stickers are perfect for me. You literally just peel them off the sticker and place them on your nail – I find it easier to use a pair of my tweezers to place them on the nail to give more accuracy (I did say I’m cack-handed remember), but I think it would work just as well with your fingers with a steady hand :)
At only £1.80 per sheet you cant really go wrong – you get enough in one packet to cover both hands in stickers with a few left over so it doesn't matter if you go wrong, or if you want to do the same look again. I apply a top coat every other day and they've lasted me over 2 weeks, which is pretty impressive.

My favouritist bit about the company is you can send them your own animal pictures to have a unique sticker, tailored to you. And because the ladies are so wonderful, they've offered you guys a little deal. If you purchase 4 or more of any of their range and add my blog name: Wonderful You in the promo code you’ll get another set of their choice free! I hope you lovely lot are going to take advantage of this, and do let me know what ones you pick!

What do you think of nail art stickers? Have you tried them out yet?

p.s. sorry for my dry hands in the Santa shots - the cold is really getting to them this year!

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