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Book Reveiw & GIVEAWAY CLOSED: 1930s Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook

When Carlton Books contacted me about featuring a newly published 1930’s fashion bible I just couldn’t resist. You may, or may not have guessed from my blog that 1930’s is a little bit my favourite. I may not dress like a 1930's typical woman on a daily basis - but it's definitely where I take my inspiration from with regards to my make-up and I particularly love the effortless glamour involved with the fashion. The book is packed full to the brim with never before seen images and divine illustrations taken from fashion magazines of the day. 
I would describe this as the perfect sitting room book. You know when you sit down after a long day shopping and want to flick through a fantastic piece - well this is it. And not only that, when your in the mood to really learn something new this ticks all the boxes. The book focuses on Daywear, Swimwear, Wedding Gowns, Eveningwear and Accessories; and with all the photo's dated you can gage a full understanding of how the fashion changed throughout that time period.
I'm absolutely in love. And I was even more excited when one of the authors of the book agreed to have a little interview with me...

1. Charlotte, for those that haven't had the chance to read the book, could you tell us a little bit about it and the ladies behind the masterpiece? 
Emmanuelle is the fashion history authority so has written the introduction and most of the captions, while I am a design historian, author and critic as well as an absolutely obsessive collector of fashion photography, prints, advertisements, etc. I do all the image sourcing and try to shape the project so that we can give the reader the best fashion overview of the period that we can.

2. When did you first become interested in Fashion? 
Ever since I was child I have been interested in vintage fashion, in fact as a university student I dealt in vintage clothes as a way of avoiding having to get a summer job. And through this handling of beautiful vintage clothes, I got to appreciate the exquisite tailoring and detailing of say a 1920s beaded flapper dress, a 1940s fur stole or a 1950s boned swimsuit. They bascially don’t make clothes like they used to...unless, of course, you can afford Haute Couture, which let’s face it most of us can’t.

3. What inspires you about 1930's Fashion? 

I love the fact that even though it was the height of the Great Depression, women bucked the gloom and doom and opted for sheer over-the-top glamour – whether it was a slinky gown or just a bright red lipstick. Never underestimate the power of fashion to cheer one up...

4. The 1930's style truly celebrated the woman's figure and the coming age of glamour - do you feel we could embrace this more in our current day and age? 

I think that the overtly feminine silhouette of the 1930s was great – for the first time women could be glamorously womanly with their curves being accentuated with figure-hugging fabrics. Today, sadly most designers prefer to have models that look half-starved and/or half-dead so that they don’t compete with the impact the clothes make on a catwalk or in a glossy advertisement, which is all rather depressing. Really it should be that clothes are made to fit real bodies, rather the bodies being made to fit unrealistic silhouettes. During the 1930s women were allowed to be feminine, and this must have felt very liberating... And I’m pretty sure the men during the 1930s appreciated this curvaceous look too.
5. What's next for you two lovely ladies? 
We have just finished the next volume in the series, “1940s Fashion” – which is packed just as full with images and information – from wartime utility garments to Dior’s New Look. It has been another great learning experience, and we are both looking forward to working on other decades next year!

1930s Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook is published by Goodman Fiell, RRP £30 and is available at and all good book stores. 
And now for the very bestest bit!! If you want to get your hands on a copy of the beautiful piece - you can enter to win one below :) As many of you know I'm off to Australia next week for 3 weeks, so the giveaway will close on the 29th January 2013 - when I'm back and have had a chance to sleep!! A winner will be picked randomly through rafflecopter. Good luck!a Rafflecopter giveaway

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