Tuesday, November 13

Fancy a Fisheye? | Photography Post

Since I was a tot, photography has been an avid interest of mine. Whether I’m behind the camera, in front of it or spectating, it just gives me an overwhelming feeling of happiness. I don’t profess to be particularly good at it, but I’m certainly trying my hand at becoming a better ‘photographer’. I can’t quite believe how fast technology is coming on, and it never fails to amaze me that when I was younger everything was done on film – digital didn’t even exist. Personally, I think film photography will always have a closer place in my heart – not only does it show excellent photography skills but there’s something rather nostalgic about flicking through ‘real’ photographs. Having said that, film is an expensive hobby and not one that I can personally keep up with on a weekly basis. Which is partly why I am such a huge fan of digital – I’m the girl who is head over heels in love with her DSLR and couldn’t wait to get her hands on the iPhone (blackberry I hate chu). All the accessories and possibilities with digital really excite me! It’s revolutionary to be able to take a photo, and then look at it straight away – I think we really take that for granted sometimes.

Everyone that has an iPhone, will more than likely have instagram. It’s pretty much the done thing right? Enhancing photographs at the tap of a button is fun, and far simpler than the likes of Photoshop. But have you thought about accessories for your iPhone? I was recently sent a Fisheye Lense for my 4S and I’m seriously impressed with the results….

Fisheye photography in my eyes is wonderful. It can make a mundane photo so much more interesting and appealing to the eye. This one comes with a nifty little black case to slot on the back of your phone and then you just screw the lense on to the back, so simple and such great quality. They’re a bargain at under £15, so if you want to pick one up you can do, here. 

I think it just shows that you don’t need to fork out thousands of pounds on a digital SLR when your iPhone can do such a fantastic job, providing versatile pictures.

What about you? Have you tried any accessories for your camera phone? What sort of photography interests you?

I recently bought this lense too for my Canon DSLR, would anyone be interested in seeing a post about it?

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