Wednesday, July 18

Wonderful You's first GIVEAWAY! Can I get a 'Hell Yeah'?!

The Winners:
sara xoxox
Laura-Marie Roffey

WAHOOO! It's my first giveaway ladies & gents!! (pretty sure no gents read my blog, but whatever)
I was contacted a month or so a go, by the lovely lady Stephanie at Prairie Charms. They're a brand spanking new online jewellery shop, that sell beautiful handmade charm bracelets. Being a new blogger, I was so surprised when she got in contact with me to ask if I'd like to receive & review one of their pieces; of course, I said yes! After chatting with her for a while, it was decided that it shouldn't really just be me that get's to receive the loveliness, it should be you wonderful people too!
Each piece is lovingly handmade, & why stop there? These ladies certainly don't! How bloomin' gorgeous is this wrapping?
Personally, wrapping is really quite important to me, so this definitely gets brownie points my end!
Now, here's where you guys come in..wanna see the lovely bracelets that two of you, yes you heard right, two of you could win? Ah, okay, go on then....

How gorgeous are they!! Both bracelets come with their own individual detachable ribbon, for an extra bit of yuminess.
I'm just so in love with this brand. Not only is each bracelet handmade, with each piece being 'limited edition', to ensure your bracelet will be individual; they also offer a 'make your own' service. & the very, very best bit, is that 10% of each purchase that's made is donated to the Great Ormond Street Hospital 'Kiss it Better' Charity. I think that's just the cherry on the top, don't you? I want to get my hands on every piece!
So, I'm not going to make this difficult to enter, because to be frank, I really don't enjoy filling in a million entries on a giveaway. However, I will ask of you two things:

1. Please be a follower of Wonderful You via GFC (I will be checking!) It's simples to do!
2. Leave a comment below with your email address & why you'd like to win.

I will pull the two winning names out of a hat 2 weeks from today on August 1st.
& just for an extra, here's the bad boy I kept for myself :)
Good luck beauts!

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