Friday, July 13

My 23rd Birthday Gifts | Video #3

Hellooooo Wonderful ones, so here's my third youtube video for you to have a nose at! Is it okay to post my YouTube videos on my blog? Not sure if it's the 'done' thing or not? Let me know if it's a pain / if you as my blog readers aren't really interested in video's :)

I asked in my previous video, if anyone would like to see one on what I got for my birthday. Everyone that commented said 'yes perlease', so gotta keep y'all happy righty? I was a little apprehensive to post it, as I didn't want it to come across as 'ooh, look what I got for my birthday', because that's genuinely not what it was for; it was just so you lovely lot could see all my new bits, sort of like a haul! So, without further ado, here it is:

Again, super sorry for the CRAP quality. Seriously, I have no idea what I'm doing with youtube or making videos. If anyone wants to give me some guidance, it would be HUGELY appreciated. for example, why the hell does it take 5 HOURS to upload an MP4 file on a PC; & when I change the file format to AVI. for a speedier upload, does it lose all it's quality? I just don't know :( *sobs* here is my cry for help guys!!

Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed it :) I was spoilt rotten & have some seriously lovely people in my life! I'm literally so excited to use my new SLR.

Do you have any other requests for videos you'd like to see?

What's on your Birthday wishlist?

P.S. How on earth do I make my preview of my videos larger? (like you can with images?) 

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