Monday, May 7

Add a Touch of Sparkle

Now, I know us interior gals always have our eyes peeled, in search for the next little trinket to clutter up our bedroom; well I know mine are…

& my spending habits can become quite costly quite quickly when it comes to interior design; I’m a sucker for pretty little bits & bobs, & my room is slowly filling up with little treasures I’ve collected over the last few years.  Whilst it’s always a bit lovely to have a splurge on some wonderful mirror or chair, sometimes, one has to be a little more reserved. You know, in this day & age, every little helps!

So, last Christmas, when we were putting up all the Christmas decorations, I spotted an extra rope of fairy lights. I quickly snapped them up & hurried off to my room. I love fairy lights, regardless of where they are situated; they just make me feel happy. I wrapped the entire thread around my bed posts and voilĂ :
My Bed :)
I think it’s a great way to add a touch of sparkle (I always write sprakle, god dammit) to your bedroom, at a really low price.

What do you think? Likey? :)

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