Tuesday, November 20

Do you Moisturise your Body? | Palmer's Cocoa Butter

Do you moisturise your body? Is it something that’s important to you? I cant think of a more appropriate time of year to write a post about the staples in my moisturising routine...

Since I can remember, moisturising is just something I’ve always done. I think the seed was probably planted by my mum who has always moisturised every evening after a bath or shower. For many years I used the Body Shop butters, but as you know they aren’t exactly cheap and if you’re moisturising your limbs every day that can become a little pricey. It was my mission to discover an affordable, but nourishing moisturiser that would leave my body feeling as hydrated as those yummy little butters. That’s when I discovered Palmer’s.

I have three products from their range which I just keep repurchasing. WARNING: If you hate Cocoa Butter then stop reading now ;)

This moisturiser literally kicks any others butt. I am yet to find one that even comes close in comparison. It’s rich and creamy in formula, which means a little goes a long way. It’s not sticky – which is the one thing that is crucial for me in a moisturiser. There is nothing worse (okay, there definitely is worse things to happen, but I’m a dramatic beauty blogger), than slathering yourself in greasy moisturiser which means you have to wait for it to soak in before it dries! This formula sinks in almost instantly and leaves the skin silky smooth. The scent is quite strong, but it’s not at all overpowering on application so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your perfume won’t be interrupted by your moisturiser. I always go for the larger 400ml pump bottle as I think it’s great value for money, and I absolutely love a good pump applicator! Now for the absolute best bit, the price. From Superdrug it’s only £5.29 – I know!!! How amazing is that? You’re getting SO much for your money and it lasts an absolute age. The only down side to this product for me, is that on one or two of my purchases the pump has been faulty, but it’s easily solved as I just keep the one from the old bottle and swap them over! Simples :)

If you’ve ever been scared to fake tan (like me) and have extremely pale skin (like me) then honestly you need to give this baby a whirl. It’s a gradual tan, similar to the likes of Dove and Johnson’s except I think it’s even more natural looking. On just one application I had comments that I looked sun kissed – where had I been? Umm…in my bathroom with my tan? Ha ha. Now, of course all tan’s have that gross biscuity smell, you know the one? Don’t get me wrong this still has a hint of biscuit to it, but because of the cocoa butter formula it’s nowhere near as bad. It literally just feels like you’re slapping on your regular moisturiser and within a couple of hours you’ve got a nice healthy glow. Like the original moisturiser it’s hitting just above the £5 mark at Superdrug and at 250ml, it lasts a fair while!
This is a new addition to my collection. The lovely Prairie Charms sent this as a thank you gift (how thoughtful is that?!) and it’s having a full blown love affair with my lips. At first when I opened the packet I wasn’t sure, I could see it had a grainy finish and usually I hate bitty lip balms as I feel they just crust up on your lips. (That sounds really gross). But I was pleasantly surprised, on application it was as smooth as a baby’s bum and no grainy deposits to be seen. As with the moisturiser the nourishing feeling the cocoa leaves is heavenly and hydrating. It’s jam packed with Vitamin E which is excellent for treating chapped or cracked lips and with an SPF15 it’s pretty much the perfect lip balm and ticks ever box. Oh and yeah, it’s only £1.79. Uhhhh huh, you heard right.

So, they're my staple moisturising products, that pretty much never change!

Have you tried Palmer's? Or do you know of an affordable range I should be testing out? :)

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