Monday, August 20

When Megs is Away | Samantha Avena | Shop Dixi

So if you didn't know already, I'm currently sunning myself silly in beautiful Italy. In my absence I have planned a fair few guest posts for your perusal whilst I'm away, so fingers crossed these scheduled posts work! 
The first lovely guest is the gorgeous Sammi, from Samantha Avena. She is such a talented, kind young lady and provides a huge variety of posts over on her blog; including photography, beauty, health and happy lifestyles! If you haven't checked her out, you simply must. Enough of my came on over because you wanted to read Sammi's words, not my waffle :)

As a bit of a jewellery hoarder, I'm constantly on the lookout for shiny, pretty, things!

Fourth in my 'Jewellery I Heart' series is my lovely Baby Mila Ocean Green Stone Bracelet (£7). I came across ShopDixi via Twitter and it was pretty much love at first sight. If you've ever noticed in some of posts you will have seen I am forever wearing my amber & silver ring - I am a huge fan of precious stones & crystals, especially in jewellery form and as soon as I clocked eyes on the Baby Mila Bracelet, it was in my basket within seconds. 

The bracelet arrived quickly & I was so happy with it as soon as I removed it from the box! It fits perfectly - loosely, but the stone always sits at the top - and its also made of alpaca silver; which does not rust or tarnish. For just £7 I couldn't really believe how wonderful it was! I've already got my eyes set on some more of their pieces, they're all so pretty!
I can't sing enough praises about ShopDixi (as you're probably realising) so I'll just pipe down & let the pictures do the talking!
Have you ever shopped with ShopDixi before? Whats your favourite piece of jewellery?

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