Friday, May 4

Topshop: Nail Varnishes

I’ve developed a rather unhealthy obsession recently with Topshop , but this time it’s not their clothes (although at one point, that’s all my wardrobe consisted of, I now think they’re WAY too overpriced. Anyhoo…), it’s their makeup range! It’s surprisingly affordable, and the quality is excellent. I’ll no doubt be tapping away on my keyboard about their other products, but I firstly wanted to introduce to you the nail varnish.

Now, nail varnish is probably the only beauty product I’m sensible with when it comes to purchasing. With anything else, if I like one thing, I like the whole lot & I buy it all as soon as I am physically able; with nail varnish I limit myself, and only purchase a new one (or two), once I’ve used the first one up. This is purely due to the fact, that if I have too many polishes open at one time, I just won’t use them & they’ll end up all gross and gloopy. Blergh. So, on that note, these are my two new(ish) polishes from Topshop:

Big Smoke

Parma Violet (please ignore my half eaten thumb, i must've been hungry..)

Big Smoke doesn’t seem to be on their website, I did receive this as a gift, so there’s a chance it may have been a limited edition (or something to that effect).  However, you can purchase the Parma Violet one here. These ones were only £5, & I believe the most you’d pay for any others would be approximately £8; I think this is a reasonable price, given the quality of the product. But forgetting the cost, how cuuuuute is the packaging? I love it! Really simple, but pretty too. Now, moving on to what's actually inside the lovely packaging; the consistency is quite thin, which does mean you need to apply more layers, but it decreases the chances of the product getting too gunky. The brush is a pretty much perfect size and fans out really nicely on application (I cannot stand thin nail brushes) & I’d say between 2-3 coats would do you nicely. My favourite bit about the polishes is the non-chipping-ness (yes, yes I did just make up a word); I always struggle to find an affordable nail varnish that doesn’t chip as soon as my heavy handed paws do anything, & I think this is the first one that has stayed put, non-chipped, for more than a week. I’m so impressed with these bad boys, & I’ll definitely be purchasing a few more. As soon as these ones run out of course ;)

Have you lovely lot tried out Topshop’s nail varnish range yet? Or do you have any colours you’d recommend?

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